Why is it Important to Have a Clean and Organized Desk?

Studies show that when we clean our homes, we are less stressed, happier and more relaxed. Spotless house, spotless mind. This same realisation can be said for having a clean desk and workspace

Work, in general, can be incredibly stressful, so the importance of lessening that negativity is considerable. Having that heavy burden of stress off your shoulders is just one way a clean workspace can benefit you and your daily grind. Let’s go over the other ways being organised can impact and improve your attitude, work performance and beyond.

Increased Efficiency 

Clearing up clutter can improve your productivity for a number of reasons. First of all, having a distracting work area can decrease your workflow and take your attention away from the tasks at hand. 

Second, a messy desk makes it very hard to find important files and papers. Keeping a tidy desk will make sure you can not only track down needed documents, but it will save you valuable work time and better help you focus on tasks and projects.

Reduced Stress

Stress is inevitable when you are surrounded by chaos and clutter. A disorganised workspace promotes distraction and also has the potential to put you in a negative headspace which will contribute to feelings of being overwhelmed or in over your head. If you are feeling stressed about a project you are working on, having an organised space may help keep you focused and encourage you to be efficient. Keeping your workspace clean can help keep stress from ruling your day.

Looking Professional

No matter how competent and experienced you are at your job, having a desk that’s in disarray can make you look unprofessional and sloppy. Having an organised workspace will not only make you look professional but it can go a long way to helping you feel professional. 

This extends to anyone who may walk by or visit your workspace, be it in an office or at home. It’s always important to your own self-esteem to look how you feel and having everything settled in its proper spot will give you that confidence and authority you deserve. 

Great First Impressions

If you receive visits from clients, bosses or employees at your desk, creating a great first impression is important for building good relationships and shows that you take your job seriously. 

Cluttered, dirty desks can marr the first impression you give, and everyone knows how hard a first impression is to change. You may think you are out of the woods on Zoom or Google Chat meetings, but even those show enough to warrant a round of organisation.  

Room to Work

Having a functional desk will help you tackle jobs and give you the space you need to do your job to the best of your ability. When you have to work around clutter, you don’t give your job your A-game and you may even have to go back and redo a task because you forgot an important paper or assignment. Giving yourself room to work will only help you thrive in the workplace.

Benefiting Your Health

Keyboards are known to be unsanitary. Since we use our desks like a second home, eating, working, and touching everything, our workspaces can accumulate a lot of bacteria. Maintaining a clean workspace can literally benefit your health. 

Wipe down your desk daily, and pay special attention to the items that are touched the most, especially if they are shared between desks and colleagues. A simple disinfection of your desk everyday can considerably lower the chances of accumulation and transmission of harmful germs and bacteria.

Tips for Organising Your Desk

  • Create a space for all of your personal items. 
  • Organise your computer desktop.
  • Do a weekly desk purge where you throw away trash, consolidate paperwork and organise supplies.
  • Focus on one task at a time so you aren’t jumping back and forth through a ton of different papers and computer files. 
  • Go digital and scan all your files and import them to folders on your computer. 
  • Keep a notebook for quick notes and to-do lists
  • Sort your work by importance, with the most important front and center.
  • Organise your electronics to keep cords out of your way.
  • Label and put away office supplies.
  • Segment your desk into different work stations to enhance productivity. 

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