Why You Should Use an L-shaped Desk

Find yourself still working from home in 2021? Perhaps your old furniture isn’t quite getting the job done and you need to get an edge on space and organisation for your home or work office? 

You can enjoy the benefits of a more physically dynamic workday by enhancing your workspace with an L-shaped desk. This style of desk makes it easy to turn any empty corner space into a functional home office or small business workstation with no wasted space.

Whether you are upgrading your home office, starting a small business or choosing furniture to outfit your workplace, you may find you require a dedicated space in your home or office where you can work uninterrupted and with fewer distractions. 

Increased Storage 

An L-shaped desk is an extended version of the standard corner desk with two bigger and wider tables. A high-quality L-shaped desk will offer you many storage and access options, with added features like more drawers, upgraded cable management, and added cabinets with doors for privacy and security compared to smaller desks. 

Utilise your space to get the most out of your L-shaped desk. Because there is so much more open space underneath your desk, you can easily add filing or storage cabinets without having to compromise leg-room. L-shaped desks can also easily allow for a two-monitor system and you can put many of your electronics that are needed for the job all while still being able to stay organised and tidy.

More Workspace

An L-shaped desk gives you more workspace and helps you maximise your office layout. With their unique shape, you are getting two desks in one, but formatted in a way where you aren’t losing space, instead you are gaining much more workspace to use in conjunction with the extra storage you now have.

Traditional desks often run out of workspace with all the items you need to work with on the surface, but with L-shaped desks, “L” shape adds extra surface space for any and all items you need for the workday. 

Cost Effective

L-shaped desks are surprisingly economical despite getting so much more out of them than a traditional desk. Compared to standard rectangular desks, the efficiency, storage, and space they provide make it well worth the little extra you might spend. That extra few dollars will end up paying for itself time and time again as you won’t have to buy extra surfaces or storage space. 

Not only does an L-shaped desk maximise your home office and corner space, it is able to provide long-term versatility and durability. This style of desk will soon become the pride of your office and others will take notice of how much it enhances your workspace and you may very well be helping them order their very own L-shaped desk!


Working on a makeshift desk at your dining table or on your couch may offer a good amount of room to stretch out and pour your papers out, but soon enough, you will find yourself needing to get up to stretch or maybe needing a heating pad while you keep trying to finish your work. 

An improvised home work environment might actually be doing more harm to your health than you know. Ergonomics play a huge factor in our health and an ergonomically designed desk allows you easy access to the supplies and tools you need to meet the demands of your workday. 

Ergonomic specialists often refer to your “zone of reach” which is your neutral, or optimal, reach zone. An L-shaped desk design allows for a good-sized neutral reach zone. Coupled with an ergonomically designed chair, you’ll be able to reach everything you need comfortably and conveniently without overextending your forearm. At the same time, your upper arm can rest naturally at your side. 

With your office supplies in the neutral reach zone, it will take less effort to reach and therefore the strain that a normal desk can cause by over exerting your shoulder and back will be minimised if not completely erased. 

Add Style and Productivity with an Upgrade from MMT

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Being equipped with the know-how of what to look for when it comes to making your home office as functional and enjoyable as possible will keep you working happily all day long. Give your workspace a makeover and see the difference in your productivity and overall comfort during your work day.

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