Why Choose a TV Stand with Mount?

If you were alive in the late 70s/early 80s, you remember the infamous design idea of using an old, broken big TV as a stand for a smaller TV. It wasn’t one of the better ideas to come out of the era and thankfully it didn’t last long. Luckily for the 21st century, TVs have gotten much less heavy and much more visually pleasing than the behemoths of yesteryear.

Choosing a TV stand with a built-in mount offers a sleek and attractive look without having to make big holes in your walls. No need to find a stud or drill into concrete, these stands offer the best of both worlds. Not quite converted yet? Here is a list of other reasons you’ll be entering “TV stand with mount” into that search bar sooner than later.

Reason #1: Gives Your Space More Design Flexibility

Since your television is pretty much the main focal point of any room it’s in, being mounted allows for it to adapt and adjust to any space. This differs from a plain wall mount because it offers storage and shelf space for any electronics, art or knick knacks you want to display, so you can really show off your flair for design while having a modern looking cabinet as well. A huge faux pas is letting your cords show, so thankfully they can also hide any wires without the clunky look of the TV sitting on the cabinet. 

Reason #2: Easy Installation 

Convenience is key and with mounted TV stands, installation is a breeze and you will get to enjoy this piece of furniture faster with a hassle free installation. There are only a few steps and in about 20 minutes you’ll be eating popcorn watching your favorite movie or show. Most stands will come with an installation guide or video you can watch as well, so getting it put together will be stress free. 

Reason #3: Adjustable Positioning 

A huge advantage of getting a TV stand with a mount is that the mount can be adjusted. Whether you need it to swivel or have the height changed, these stands can conform to almost any position you require. This also helps so your television can fit in any space you choose to put the stand in. 

Also, no matter who is watching TV and where they are sitting, you can swivel and move the stand to customise viewing. Each member of the family can be as picky as they want when it’s their turn to use the TV or you can find the optimal position for the enter family on movie night as well.

Reason #4: Safety

Another fantastic perk of this type of TV stand is the state of the art safety features it boasts. Flat screens are prone to tipping since they can be top heavy and quite tall, so the mounted TV stand secures the television into the mount on the cabinet. This provides a counterbalance for the television and helps greatly reduce the risk of tipping and falling. On the back, there is also an option to secure to the wall that makes the TV even less prone to tipping; these types of anti-tipping fasteners are regularly seen on taller furniture such as modern bookshelves.

More Benefits to Getting a TV Cabinet with Mount

  • Keeps your cables neat and tidy 
  • Modern design
  • No huge wall holes to patch up
  • Mounts tend to be universal for many types of TV (make sure it has VESA mount)
  • Comes in many styles, shapes and sizes
  • Customisable for your space


No matter if you choose a TV stand with a mount for aesthetics or practicality, you will be happy you chose this type of furnishing for your space. Not only does the mounted TV stand free up space, but it features extra surface space and features more organisational surfaces and compartments for your various electronics.

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