Which Kind Of TV Wall Mount Should I Get?

When you think about flat screen TVs, how they are displayed or mounted is a very important step in enjoying your TV, as a poorly mounted TV can not only annoy the watcher, but also cause discomfort due to how it’s arranged. 

The right TV mount sets the scene for a great night and enhances your space. In today’s world, whether we like it or not, our TV is usually the focal point of our living room or shared living space. Choosing the perfect wall mount for your TV is essential, so let’s go into some of the best options and also lay out some helpful ideas for mounting your flat screen TV.

Things to Consider When Choosing a TV Wall Mount

  • Maximum weight capacity the wall mount can handle/support
  • VESA mount compatibility (the 4 mounting screw holes in the back of the TV)
  • Your wall type (concrete wall, drywall with metal studs, drywall with wood studs, brick wall, cinder-block wall, plaster walls) as each can come with their own ways to mount and install
  • Cable connection locations on the back of the TV. Make sure your cords don’t hang in an odd position that will distract or annoy you after installation.

Wall Mount Stand Types

  1. Fixed or Low-Profile TV wall mounts are the simplest type of mount and the easiest to install. These low profile fixed brackets are strong and hold very well, but they do not offer any screen movement, due to their slim profile. Lower pricing and easy install make fixed a popular choice, but the inability to adjust your TV after it is mounted should be taken into consideration.

    Since fixed wall mounts will not move at all, remember you will have to adjust yourself instead of your TV. Any cords that are  connected can also make it a little bit of a hassle, as some TVs port location will force you to take them off the wall to add or remove cables. These are all factors to consider when choosing a fixed wall mount.
  1. Tilting TV wall mounts are aptly named, as they are usually positioned high on a wall then tilted down to help reduce glare on your TV and provide a more relaxed, comfortable viewing position. When we watch TV, having it at eye level is the norm. For some people this can be hard to do in their space and the TV ends up causing neck pain or eye strain from being positioned wrong.

    With tilted wall mounts, since they are intended to be positioned a little higher, it can actually get the eye level viewing experience perfect, especially if you like to lounge in your recliner while taking in your favorite show. The TV is positioned a few inches off the wall, which means you can access cords relatively easily  as well. There are guides online that can help you attach your tilted wall mount at the perfect height. Make sure you have the space for positioning the TV at a higher level on your wall as well.
  1. Full-motion (or Tilt and Swivel) TV wall mounts offer a wide array of viewing angles and can be called many names such as an Extending Arm, Cantilever Swivel or Articulating Arm.

    With the full-motion mount, the TV wall bracket is anchored to the wall with  a swiveling arm that extends out and mounts to the rear of the TV. The arm doesn’t have to extend all the way and can be folded in on itself so the TV mimics a fixed wall mount. These are great for corner TVs or a TV that needs to swivel from side to side and tilt up and down.

    Bigger TVs will need full-motion mounts with two arms for greater capacity load handling. This mount will allow your TV to articulate further from the wall than the last 2 options, and it also allows you to move your TV to various positions for a variety of viewing positions. You can tweak this mount until the viewing position is PERFECT.
  1. Cantilever TV stands don’t attach to the wall at all but allow your TV to be placed on a table, shelf or mantle. If you have hard to drill in walls or just prefer your TV on a stand instead of up on the wall, a cantilever TV stand is the option for you. 


From a fixed-mount to super flexible positioning, make sure you have a good idea of what you want your bracket to do for you. If you are a “mount and chill” type of person, a fixed-mount is great, but if you are the type who needs to adjust the TV based on their position, then the flexible, articulated mount is for you. 

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