Which Kind Of TV Stand Should I Get?

Many of us have had that impulse to finally get that new flat screen TV we’ve been coveting only to discover it doesn’t work with your old TV stand. Now comes the search for the perfect TV stand for your new TV. 

There’s a plethora of factors that go into buying the right TV stand for your space. Here are some tips that will help get you on the path to buying your ideal TV stand…and maybe it will show you some ideas you haven’t even considered for your space as well!

Find the right size stand for your TV

Tip #1: Figure out the width of your TV to help get the stand width you should buy. 

Finding a great TV stand size starts with knowing the size of your TV and working out from there. You always want at least half a foot on either side of the TV to accommodate shifting and to avoid any hazards of the TV falling.

Tip # 2: Figure out the right TV stand height. 

Rule of thumb: the center of your TV screen should be at or below eye level. Measure the distance from the floor to the average sightline of TV viewers in your household. Subtract that number by half of the TVs height. The height of your TV stand will fall within an inch or two of that number! 

Now that you know what size you are looking for, it’s time to pick out a stand that suits your style. 

TV Stand Styles

Entertainment Centers: 

These are more than just a stand—these can hold your TV, DVD or Blu Ray player, gaming consoles, knick knacks and many other items you may want to store. They usually take up a whole wall or section of your living room, so they are best used for larger spaces. 


These are sleeker than entertainment centers. They usually are long and squat, with cabinets that can hide your electronics. You can keep it simple, go vintage or check out sleek, modern credenzas that have built-in LED lights to add some ambience to your setup. Depending on your personal style and room layout, there is a wide array of options out there to choose from.

Media Cabinets: 

These are like credenzas, but resemble a bedroom dresser in the sense that they have more drawers and storage than a credenza. A lot of times, media cabinets will have holes for cords and other amenities that take electronics into consideration.  Media cabinets come in a variety of different styles and ways to customise your space. These types of cabinets are great for any type of budget as well.

Glass TV Stands: 

These stands are great for a more minimalistic look and can really elevate the space you put them in (no pun intended). Glass TV stands add form to function and can help make a smaller room look bigger as well. 

Cantilever TV Stands: 

With flat screen TVs being the norm, this newer, innovative type of TV stand has a flat panel mount attached to the actual cabinet. This means you can mount any size flat screen TV and it will float over the cabinet space while being secured in place. Cantilever stands are great if you can’t wall mount or don’t like the look of your TV sitting on the cabinet. These cabinets are very stylish and add a sense of high tech style to any room.

Fireplace console: 

These are both a fireplace AND TV stand. An electric fireplace adds heat and ambiance to the room while above is your TV ready for use whenever you are done reading by the (gas) fireplace. These are great for any room in the house where you want to add some warmth (literal and figurative.) These are suggested for larger spaces/rooms.


With many different options awaiting you out on your search, remember to follow the steps above and keep room size, TV size, eye height and style into consideration while looking for your new TV stand. A new cabinet or entertainment center can really help open up a room as well as add a style element that you may have been missing.  

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