What does your home furniture say about your personality?

In 2020, we saw a huge increase of people staying home, working from home and therefore overall being aware of their space and what’s in it more than ever. 

The more time we spend in our homes, the more that space will reflect who we are as a person. We want our home to show people who, what and where we’ve been in our lives. Furniture big and small, as well as a myriad of other factors can help shape our environments to fit our personality.

What does our space say about us? We may not even know why we are drawn to certain styles, furniture, fabrics and colours, but each one tells a little story about us and who we are. No two apartments or homes look the same and this article will help break down what certain decor stylings say about us and how we live, as well as give tips on showing more of your personality within your home.

There are no mistakes or wrong moves when you experiment with style around your home and with your furnishings, but here are some things you can do to really highlight your personality in your home.

Extra Seating

Look around your space. Are you the type of person who has a couch, a love seat and an easy chair but it’s just you in the home? Lots of extra seating implies you are very welcome to having guests and therefore have a personality that is social and inviting. Same can be said in your kitchen or dining room areas. Having ample space for seating and socialising says you are ready for company anytime. 

Bare or Busy Desk

Whichever way your desk normally is displayed is a good indication of what type of person you are. Bare desk? That means you are an organised worker who thrives on being tidy. It also means you are a reliable person who favors stability. 

Busy desk? While it doesn’t mean you have a messy disposition, always make sure your desk has controlled chaos and keep your items organised. When a desk has a lot going on, it means you do as well, so your personality may not be hyper-tidy but it shows you are a hard-worker.

Stacked Bookshelves

Be it tables, credenzas or towering bookshelves, having a large collection of books shows the world you are well read and open minded. You like to try and explore new things, even if you only get as far as the book, you are still very willing to jump in and try something you’ve never done before. A good art collection says the same about a person as well.

Personalised Trinkets Make the Traveler

If you are more introverted or a homebody, your decor may read more store-bought or minimalist. That doesn’t mean you don’t have style, it just means you guard your personality a little more but you are willing to let people in after a while. Someone who displays their adventures, tastes and talents openly on their walls, cabinets or shelves are showing a more extroverted and bold character. 

Be it souvenirs, paintings, books or art, these curios not only display your travels and taste but let your personality shine through from them. Beads, quilts, natural colours and fibers show someone who is outdoorsy, while dark, sleek colours and shapes can show a more modern and artsy personality. 

Colour Matters

colours can also convey personality and mood. Here are what some colour experts have to say about the colours you choose for decor and what that says about your personality:


A bold colour indicates a bold personality mixed with adventure. Be careful as this can also show impulsiveness and could intimidate some people with less bold personalities.


A colour that represents happiness and creativity. While orange grabs attention, it’s also more playful and less intense than red. This colour shows a social and nurturing personality.


While yellow elicits happiness like orange, it also calms us more and makes us feel more at ease. Yellow shows an optimistic and cheerful personality.


Being associated with nature, green can signify growth, health and a general sense of wellbeing to others. Green also shows an affinity for wealth or generosity as well. While practicality can be associated with green, beware, as we have all heard the phrase “green with envy.” Green shows a personality that is down to earth and productive. 


A colour that signifies dependability and trustworthiness. Water is most closely associated with blue and it is a calming, gentle colour. Personality wise, it is a colour that shows loyalty and strength while remaining delicate. Blue shows forethought and stability in a personality. 


One of the hardest colours to pin down to a specific trait, you can definitely say that black is bold and mysterious. It is a colour that holds power, but can also bring darkness and sadness, so be careful how you use it.  Using black shows a risk taking personality, but make sure you aren’t conveying too much seriousness or intensity, as it could be too much for others if they are just getting to know you.

Does your decor fit your personality?

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