Where To Put A TV In Any Room

Placing your TV in the right place in your home isn’t always as easy as you may think. To give you the optimal viewing experience as well as the best look for the room is a task and it’s always nice to have help getting your flat or house looking proper.

Along with knowing where your TV is best placed in each room of the house, you must also have a good idea of all the different ways you can display your TV. This helps to maximise style and flow for each room you choose to put a television in. 

Let’s go over the best way to display your television in each room of the house. 


Having a TV in the bedroom is great for anyone who enjoys a late night movie in bed or maybe just to have the TV to yourself away from the kids. A classic credenza at the foot of the bed is always nice, just make sure the TV isn’t too big or that it isn’t obscured by the footboard. You could also mount the television on the wall in front of the bed, which will help so you don’t have to bend your neck to see the screen. You want the TV to flow with the overall layout of your room, so make sure you can lay in bed and relax while watching. Comfort is key in the bedroom.

Tip: Black out shades or window coverings can help if your bedroom gets too much sun during optimal TV watching hours.

Living Room: 

This is the most common room to have a television in, but it’s also usually the biggest room in your home with the most options of where to place it as well. 

First, figure out if you want the traditional TV stand, a modernised display cabinet with some backlit LEDs, a credenza with hidden shelves for storing cables, movies,and the like or maybe a TV shelf that disguises the TV in between books, plants and art. 

One thing to always look out for is placement. Living rooms normally have the most windows and thus, the most natural light. Natural light can make it very hard to watch TV during daylight hours. Make sure to position the TV away from east or west facing windows. Some people prefer the TV to be a focal point (credenza) where others choose to keep it out of the way (mounted on a wall or tuck away in shelving.) Enjoy all the options and have fun figuring out your favorite combinations. 

Tip: Do not keep sources of light directed at the TV. 


Nowadays, more people are cooking and staying home so TVs in kitchens are becoming more and more prevalent. There are refrigerators that now have huge displays where you can watch TV while preparing a meal, perhaps on the bar stools or in the breakfast nook. 

A fancy way to house a TV is to mount it UNDER the counter top build in a mechanism that allows it to pop up when you want to use it and retract when you are using the counter space. 

Cook and watch your favorite show at the same time, just make sure to mind the sun and make sure to put it in a spot where it is away from heat or opening cabinets. Placement is key in the kitchen.

Tip: You can install a device called an “IR repeater” under the TV screen for each item you need to run with a remote. The IR repeater is very tiny so you can mount a few of them under the TV screen to run multiple components.


While you may normally use an office for work, it can also double as a den after the work is done and it’s time to relax. The great thing about having a TV in the office is that the furniture you have it on can double as storage for your documents and work materials. Go one step further and hide the TV in the actual storage cabinet to make it even more of a treat when you watch. Utilising your office space with your furniture is a great way to incorporate a television into the office.

Always remember that the best way to go about placing a TV in any room of your house is to look at the layout of the room and then get the best kind of furniture for the space. Keep the sun in your mind as well when you are arranging the room. You can make any room a comfortable, fun place to relax and watch a movie or show with these tips and tricks!

The Perfect Placement 

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