What Is the VESA Mounting Standard?

Mounting your TV can be a daunting process. While it may seem simple at first, realizing that you need millimeter-perfect holes on the back of your TV to get the flush look you’re after can be a bit too much for many to deal with.  

Yes, unfortunately, your wall bracket does need to match up perfectly with the holes on the back of your TV or else it won’t actually end up mounted for long!

Luckily, the VESA standard exists to make your buying experience as easy as possible. Purchasing a product labeled as VESA standard provides you with the peace of mind your TV and accessory furniture will match. However, this may not always be as simple as it seems and there are a multitude of options that exist that could complicate your TV and wall bracket purchase. 

This article will go over the VESA standards and how they might apply to your future furniture purchases. 

What Is The Standard? 

First you should understand what the exact measurements are for the VESA standard. This standard measures, in millimeters, the distance between the mounting holes on the back of your television. 

Each size television has different distance measurements between holes. Most TV brands, though not all, use the VESA standard to make sure brackets will fit as many TVs as possible. 

Below are the accepted standards for a few of the most popular sizes of televisions. 

  • Up to a 32 inch TV: 200 x 200 
  • Up to a 60 inch TV: 400 x 400 
  • Up to an 84 inch TV: 600 x 400 

However, despite these three sizing options being the most common, there are quite a few other configurations that fall within VESA standards. Be sure when looking to buy a wall mount or  that you’re paying close attention to what your TV’s hole distances are. 

It’s also important to note that there are often weight limits to what your bracket can hold. When installing your wall mount or cantilever TV stand, make sure to carefully read exactly how much weight it can hold and ensure your TV will be able to be safely displayed. The last thing you want is for your thousand-pound big-screen tele to come off the mount and end up smashed to bits. 

Why Have a Standard? 

Having a standard to the size of hole positioning on the back of your TV makes it easier for you as a consumer to find parts for your TV that fit together easily. The VESA standards were defined by the Video Electronics Standards Association to ensure that the consumer has the best possible chance of buying equipment that works on the first try. 

If the product you’re looking at is to VESA standards, there may be a hexagonal “VESA Mounting Compliant” logo printed onto the box. However, many compliant or near-compliant devices won’t display the logo. 

This means that, unless your bracket is adjustable, there could be a chance that what you’re buying may not match up with that brand-new TV. 

It’s a good idea to find out what your TV’s VESA hole pattern is spaced at, and find a mount or cantilever stand that specifically calls out that feature in the product description.

What Alternatives Do I Have To A VESA Mount? 

Maybe the TV you purchased doesn’t have holes made to VESA standards, and returning said TV is all but impossible. How are you expected to display your TV? 

Well, multiple companies offer adjustable TV wall brackets that allow you the freedom to adjust regardless of hole position. In addition, these adjustable TV wall brackets are great if you see yourself potentially upgrading TV size in the future as most of them can accommodate a wide range of hole patterns. 

Wall Bracket or TV Stand? 

Making the choice to buy a TV wall bracket now comes with the weight of knowing you need to find one that’s right for your viewing space and that meets all sizing requirements of your new television. 

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