Tips for Picking the Right TV Furniture for You

Years ago, TV furniture was little more than just a small cabinet or table taking up space in the living area with a television plopped on top. The shelves beneath were full of CDs, DVDs, or even – gasp – VHS tapes. Some were big, some small – most crafted out of basic wood pieces, but all were the living area’s focal points. 

These days, with the surge of technology giving us thinner and thinner televisions, the world of TV furniture has gone to the next level. No longer just a stand that holds a big bulky television, but now a beautiful piece of work to showcase your personal style and home entertainment. 

So how do you pick out the right TV cabinet or TV stand for you when there are so many styles available? Ranging from simple cabinetry with drawers or shelves and plenty of slots in the back to keep your electrical cords neat and tidy, you can choose wide open cabinets or cabinet doors that hide away shelves to house books, remotes, or even those old DVDs you may not want others to question. 

With this guide, we’re going to give you a few tips for picking out the right tv furniture for you and your space. 

3 Things to Consider Before Buying TV Furniture

Before making your TV furniture purchase, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before doing so. So, grab a notebook and a pencil and jot down the answer to these things, so you’ll have it handy when you’re ready to pick out the right piece of furniture for your television. 

1. TV Size

TV size is a crucial thing to know before you go shopping for your television furniture. TVs are measured diagonally, so make sure you know what number you’re working with. It’s a good idea to note your TV’s length and height, especially if your flat panel will not be mounted to a wall. If you’re going to use the TV furniture as a television stand, you’ll want to make sure it’s long enough for your TV and that your included TV stand will fit neatly on the surface of your furniture as well. 

Measure your television from side to side. It’s best to pick a TV stand that is at least 3-4” longer than your TV – whether you wall-mount or not. This allows you to centre your television on the stand, so it’s safe and stable. 

Be sure to check the weight and measurement limits on the stand you’re picking if you are not wall mounting your TV. If it says it is safe for televisions up to 32” and your TV is 55” – this won’t work for you. 

2. Available Space

Before deciding which piece of TV furniture you want, measure your entire room. Then, measure the area you’re considering for the furniture. You want to make sure the piece you choose will suit the length, width, and height of the area you’re considering placing it in. 

It’s worth noting to also make sure your new piece of furniture won’t obstruct any doors, windows, or pathways. If an entry does open nearby, make sure it won’t bump into it, causing damage to the TV stand or the television itself. 

If you’re placing the TV furniture in a larger space, consider a TV cabinet that is more than 3-4” in length wider than your television, or the cabinet will likely look too small, making it appear more like an afterthought than a carefully considered piece of furniture. On the flip side, if your TV cabinet is too big for the room, it could become a safety hazard. 

3. Material

Today, there are many TV furniture resources, including laminate, medium-density foam board, plywood, and particleboard. These materials are often covered with other materials like vinyl or a veneer that looks like a more expensive solid wood.  

Of course, you’ll find plenty of natural wood resources like oak, cedar, and birch. Whatever your furniture is made out of will determine its use, life, and durability. Particleboard isn’t going to have as long of a useful life as something made from solid oak. Consider how long you intend to keep your TV cabinet or TV bench, and budget accordingly. If the piece is for a home you own, you might want to upgrade to higher quality materials and invest in a lifelong piece of furniture. Is this your first apartment? May be better to go with a more budget-friendly option in the likelihood that your space will change in the coming year or two.

5 Designs to Consider Before Buying

One of the more important things to consider before buying the right TV furniture is design. You’ll want to take some time considering what general design will work for you by thinking about the shape, structure, and function you’ll want your TV furniture to have.

1. Console

With a console piece of TV furniture, you’re going to get closed shelving and a more rectangular-shaped structure. Consoles have a singular shape with useful shelving and plenty of surface area. 

2. Open Shelving

With an open shelving piece of furniture, you’re going to get a more visual element that’s free from restrictions. Open shelving is one of the more popular designs for TV furniture because it has a less obtrusive setup, conserves space and provides an open aesthetic. There are usually a few shelves but no drawers or cabinets, so you likely won’t be able to hide anything from view.

3. Cantilever TV Stands

Cantilever TV stands are designed to provide all of the benefits of versatile TV mounts without requiring you to mount the TV to the wall. Your stand can include a full range of motion mount to give you the ability to tilt and turn your TV. Because the mount is connected to your furniture stand instead of the wall, it’s sturdy and easy to move around your room as you see fit.

4. Cabinet

If you want to hide your TV and other things, a cabinet is what you seek. Your TV will sit atop the surface space housed inside the cabinet structure. You’ll be able to close the doors, and instead of seeing a television screen, you’ll see a beautiful piece of wood furniture. This piece works well for those who don’t want a wall-mounted TV and want to keep their TV out of view.

5. Floating

If you don’t want anything on your floor space, then floating is the design for you. Once your TV is mounted to the wall, you’ll place your cabinet or shelves right under. A floating system is excellent for an open floor, clean look. These floating shelves often have cord containment sections keeping your wall space free from hanging cables. 

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are plenty of things to consider when picking out the right TV furniture for your home. 
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