How Do You Hide the Cords on a Wall-Mounted TV?

You’ve gone through the trouble of wall-mounting your gorgeous, big screen TV. So, why leave all those ugly cords hanging in an untidy mess? Somehow, having your television cords hanging down from a wall-mounted TV feels like someone is seeing you with underwear stuck to your shoe or that you’ve accidentally put mismatched socks. However you want to describe it, TV cords are unsightly and hiding them is a must if you’re going to go to the trouble of wall mounting your tele.

Thankfully, today we’ll go over 10 of the best ways to hide those messy cords. Some of the ideas are artsy, some are DIY, but all of them will make sure you don’t have to be fixated on those dangling cables while you try to enjoy your next movie night.

How to Hide Your TV Cords

1. Wire Cords Through The Wall

Let’s start with the most intense and time-consuming possibility first. 

This is for the handyperson out there that wants to tackle a proper DIY project. This way involves hiding cords on a wall-mounted TV by routing them inside the wall directly behind your TV. This approach definitely yields great results, but it takes some work to get there. 

You will have to physically cut holes in the wall behind your TV and run the cords through. The set up will end up looking wireless. Do not attempt this if you’ve never cut through a wall before. If you are a renter, do not try this unless you have a very forgiving lease or landlord. That being said, this will yield some near perfect results. There are plenty of kits online to help you through the project as well. One important thing to note is that you will need to choose cables that are up to code for your area and building.

2. Use a Cord Concealer 

If you want to take a gentler route than going through the wall, you can opt for cord concealers (AKA raceway kits). They take dangling cords and hide them inside plastic tracks (“raceways”) that mount to the wall. You can find kits online in a few different colors, but you can always paint it the color of your walls to match your decor. 

All you need to do is cut it to the appropriate length using a saw or blade, (depending on the material) and then mount it with either double-sided tape or screws, based on what the kit calls for. After the raceway is installed and painted to match your wall, it blends in seamlessly and keeps the clutter under control.

4. Get a Cord Cover

If you have cords coming down from your TV and you want to hide them, you can bunch them together with cords covers. Some zip together or bundle together the cords. You can get a fabric wrap that comes in many different designs or just a plain black cord gatherer that keeps all of the cords in one single line down through the back of your TV. Match this with a cord clip  and really get the full bundled and organised look.

5. Get a Cord Management Box

Cords pooling together all over the floor from your mounted TV? A cord management box organizes and stores all your cords inside with enough room to put a master power cord inside as well. These types of boxes typically have holes or slits on the side so you can add cables from different directions. This is a modern way to hide cords and keep your guests eyes on the TV and not your messy cords.

Quick Tips for Hiding Cords:

  • Put a vase or piece of art in front of the cords to hide them.
  • Add a decorative panel board behind the TV and route your cords behind it.
  • Feed wires behind  a desk, end table, or other piece of furniture placed beneath the TV.
  • Use a baseboard raceway kit to conceal floor cords.
  • Route cords through drawers in a TV stand or credenza.

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