How a Messy Desk Affects Your Workflow And Productivity

Our physical environment has a huge effect on our mental health. Most people, if surrounded by clutter and chaos, find it harder to work and see themselves getting stressed out more easily. Maintaining clutter-free spaces for ourselves actually has far-reaching benefits.

Here’s how your messy desk could be affecting you daily while you work, as well as some great tips for clearing the clutter at your workspace or home office. 

Ways A Messy Desk Can Affect You

Clutter Causes Distractions 

If you already suffer from being distracted easily, clutter on a desk can quickly take your mind off of your current task and place your attention on the mess in front of you. Being surrounded by clutter not only makes it harder to focus on the task at hand, but also makes it harder to keep track of important documents and items amidst the chaos.

Disorganisation Can Cause Stress And Anxiety

Does looking at a disorganised pile of papers cause you anxiety? A lot of people get anxious or stressed when faced with a messy desk, office, or home. Cleaning up clutter not only clears your workspace, but also your head. A study performed by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America shows that the activity of cleaning with the added result of a cleaner space helps reduce stress, feelings of anxiety, and depressive symptoms. Cleaning can also reduce fatigue and improve concentration, which can help at work or in your home office. 

Tasks Take Longer Surrounded By Clutter 

Naturally, if you can’t find an important report due to a messy desk, you will have to re-do it or search until you find it. Doing either takes up valuable time you could be spending on other projects. Digging through stacks of paper and old projects is a good way to frustrate yourselves and those who depend on your work being done on time.

The Impression Of Poor Business Practices 

No matter if you are a dynamo and a genius in your field, certain professionals will be wary of dealing with a business who doesn’t have the outright appearance of organisation. While you may be a fantastic worker and the clutter may not affect your work drastically, it’s hard to change someone’s first impression. Keeping a tidy desk will inspire confidence from those who don’t know your work habits personally.

A Chaotic Workspace Can Lower Self-confidence

Disorganisation can make us feel out of control in the worst situations. At work, where we are trying to be our most put-together selves, we need self-confidence to broker deals, land clients and make sales. Confidence can come from looking at a clean workspace and knowing you can take initiative when needed without clutter or distractions getting in the way. 

That outlook can inspire and uplift those around you as well. Someone who may be struggling with a dirty desk may need that extra boost when they see your desk looking tidy, whether it’s on a Zoom call or in the office.

Tips To Keep A Cleaner Desk

Here are some tips to a cleaner, more organised workspace.

  • Get a bookshelf or filing cabinet for papers, books and important binders. Put away all unnecessary documents and items you won’t be using that day.
  • Create a section of your workspace for personal items, such as coffee, a purse, your phone, and other effects to keep you from being distracted by them or from losing them throughout the day.
  • Clean your computer desktop as well as your physical desktop to get an extra level of organisation at work. An organised computer will make you that much more productive and give you a great feeling of accomplishment when you don’t have to search for a document for 20 minutes while your boss or client waits impatiently. Archive older documents and projects to keep track of them and keep them from cluttering up your active workspace.
  • Do a weekly purge of documents, trash and projects so as to not keep items around longer than needed. You’ll be amazed by how much unneeded stuff you have lying around your desk.
  • Keep a to-do list nearby or download an app to help keep you organised. The satisfaction of checking off tasks is fantastic.
  • Disinfect your desk daily. Germs love a good, messy keyboard and desk. Wipe them away and keep the common cold at bay.
  • Designate a drawer for office supplies and put them away until you need them.
  • Label drawers or containers as needed so you don’t have to dig for a pencil or particular document.

Potential Benefits Of A Clean Workspace

  • Less stress
  • Increased productivity 
  • Reduced anxiety
  • More confidence
  • Improved focus

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