How to Make a Home Office in a Small Space

Working from home can be tough. The structure that you have in an office is hard to imitate when working at home, and there are so many distractions around your house that can make the daily grind slog itself to a halt. You might find it difficult to concentrate on work or even be the least bit productive because everything looks cozy and inviting instead — like one big distraction-laden lounge for people (and pets) who want nothing more than some time off after a long day’s worth of work.

If you can relate to any of that, you are not alone. A home office might be the best thing for you, but not everyone has a lot of space for an office, which can make it a challenge to put together a place that is reserved only for work.

Not to worry. Today, we’ll discuss some of the ways you can make the most of your work-from-home space to be both inviting and conducive to productivity.

Tip #1. You Need to Choose the Right Space

You have to consider what usually goes on in all of the areas of your house. Your living room is likely the most active area and would be difficult to use as a home office space. This can be true whether you live alone or with other people.

Search for wall areas that are quieter in your house. A small section in your bedroom may do just the trick, especially if your house is noisy. A corner in the kitchen, converting a cupboard space, or even creating an office in the garage are all great ways to create a small office space that works for you.

Tip #2. Make Your Space Cosy

No one works well with a messy space. You need your space to feel comfortable. You should tuck your cables and wires in so they don’t cram up your space. Zip ties work great for this task.

For other clutter, there are plenty of desk organisers available. From small shelves to bulletin boards, there are various ways you can get and stay organised.

Consider Your Colour Schemes.

Your office space needs to reflect you. The best office spaces work best when they reflect the person working there. Choose colours you associate with warmth and happiness. Choose decor you like and make you feel comfortable and productive.

These methods inspire creativity and a sense of cohesiveness. You will feel calmer and comfortable. A chaotic work setting will make you feel hostile and stressed with colours and clutter that don’t reflect you. This slows down your productivity overall.

Tip #3. Choose a Space With Lots of Natural Light

Sunlight is dire for your office. It raises your vitamin D levels, and those relate directly to your happiness. Sunlight also aids in how your circadian rhythms regulate, and that helps keep you awake.

If placing your office near a window isn’t an option, make sure your space is well lit in other ways. Lamps are great, but you can also consider a light therapy lamp. This helps prevent seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Potted plants are also essential to consider to keep your space oxygenated.

Tip #4. Don’t Forget to Stay Hydrated

It may seem simple, but some people forget that when they’re working from home, they’re still working. It’s essential to stay hydrated no matter what you’re doing. With that being said, keep water nearby instead of taking frequent breaks to the kitchen. You don’t want to increase distractions, and frequent breaks will do that.

Tip #5. Build Upwards

When choosing a space, we usually think about desk level and the space around it. If you want to maximise your small space, look at the wall above it and build upwards. Doing this optimises storage space and creates more space. Building some shelves, adding bulletin boards, and placing other items to help you stay organised can significantly impact organisation and productivity.

Tip #6. Divide Your Space

If you’re struggling to find a space, consider dividing an existing space to give it more than one use. You can do this in a bedroom, kitchen, or living area. One key element is to make sure your space faces the rest of the room to feel like you’re in your area.

Make sure your accessories match the colour scheme of your office. This will help ensure that nothing feels awkward and that everything goes together.

If you’re struggling to find an office space in your home, invest in constructing a tiny office. These are usually inexpensive, and you will have your own private office so you can avoid distractions.

Tip #7. Remember Ergonomics

Your computer setup should be ergonomic. Skipping this step will give you many short and long-term problems. Your chair should come with back support and be set up correctly.

The chair’s height should keep you at eye level with your screen when your back is straight. This will help your flow of blood and oxygen, which helps you think while preventing back and shoulder issues.

Tip #8. Get Creative With Your Storage

Again clutter dampers your productivity. With small spaces, it can be tricky to stay organised. So, get creative with your space. Divide your drawers, hang hooks, reuse jars, repurpose wine racks or any other clever idea you can find or think of. The supplies you need should be nearby at all times.

Looking to give your workspace that upgrade you deserve?

These are just a few of the many ways you can turn your home office into the ultimate organization station. From clearing clutter to labeling for easier retrieval, small steps and little changes can make a huge difference in the long run. Being organized doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort and you can even make it fun and personalize it. Added style and touches of your own flair can really make your workspace a place you enjoy and feel happy while being productive, day after day.

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Being equipped with the know-how of what to look for when it comes to making your home office as functional and enjoyable as possible will keep you working happily all day long. Give your work area a makeover and see the difference in your productivity and overall comfort during your work day.

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