Tips for Designing Your Home Office

Whether your home office is permanent or you are designing it until you can go back to the office in the future, you want it to be functional, organised and able to be utilised as an ideal workspace in your home. Creating a functioning home office is more than just buying a piece here and there. It takes a design that will keep you productive and motivated throughout the day as well as items that can keep you organised and on top of your projects. 

This article will go over the best tips to help design an effective and motivating home office space in order to help you transform your current office into a workspace that offers versatility and functionality for your future work projects. 

Tips for Designing Your Home Office

Tip #1: Pick the Best Desk for Your Space

You spend a large portion of your time working at your desk, so you want to pick one that not only accommodates your space but that has the amenities (drawers, cable holes, leg room) that you require. Corner and L-shaped desks can give you the workspace if you are working in a smaller space or just want to maximise your home office. Make sure the desk you choose can hold your daily workload with no problems. There’s no use in getting a small desk that can’t accommodate your needs, otherwise, you’ll find yourself using other surfaces and losing important papers and work items.

Look for a desk that matches your needs and never settle or you’ll end up tangled in cords, with papers strewn about the room, shopping for a new desk while encumbered from choosing one that didn’t suit your needs. A clutter-free desk will up productivity and encourage focus so take your time while shopping for your next desk. 

Tip #2: Go Ergonomic

Ergonomics are features on your office furniture (among other items) that help to eliminate discomfort and the risk of injury while you work. Start with a supportive, spine alignment chair which will keep back pain at bay and then work out from there. Wrist protection against carpal tunnel is an example of ergonomics that you can get for your office to stave off wrist discomfort from hours of use. 

Utilising ergonomics in your home office will ultimately ensure that you are getting the most comfort and safety out of your furniture and amenities, which will enhance your productivity and keep you healthy and pain-free.

Tip #3: Personalise Your Workspace

While it is possible to overdo it and create a too-personal workspace that causes distractions, putting some items that inspire and uplift your mood is a great incentive when working from home.  Plants, pictures, and even a vision board can liven up a space and enhance your work day, giving you the motivation you need when working from home. Make sure to always have your home office designed to feel as much of a productive workspace as possible to keep energy and productivity levels up (don’t make the recliner your office chair). Have the office be unique to you, but an obvious office workspace.

Tip #4: Get Creative with Storage

Storage is an important component of designing a functional home office. Clutter is distracting and it is a necessity in a home office to have space to store papers and miscellaneous items so you don’t waste valuable time needing to clean every single day due to not enough surface or storage space. If you are working with a smaller office, try filing cabinets stored under your corner desk or rolling cabinets that can be moved out of the way if needed. Utility wall shelving and organisers for inside your cupboards for the smaller items. Everything should have a place and you can even label it if that makes it easier to find. 

You can also keep paper clutter from being issued by going paperless as much as possible. Upgrade your computer or grab a few spare hard drives and see the clutter disappear. 

Tip #5: Lighting Matters

Having a well-lit office will not only keep you awake, but it will also keep you from getting low-light headaches when looking at the computer screen all day. Make sure to take breaks from your computer to save your eyes unnecessary strain and dryness. Good lighting can make all the difference when it comes to productivity. A dark office will leave you feeling sluggish and uninspired. Make sure your computer light matches the light coming in from outside and always keep glare from getting on your screen and into your eyes. When working in the later hours of the day, a great LED desk lamp will help keep the ambience and creativity flowing. 

Upgrade Your Home Office with Designs by MMT

At MMT Furniture Designs, all of our pieces are designed to fit into any office or home office. Our furniture includes plenty of smart storage solutions and guarantees the utmost functionality. Adding style and personal touches of your own can really make your workspace a place you enjoy and feel happy while being productive, day after day.

Being equipped with the know-how of what to look for when it comes to making your home office as functional and enjoyable as possible will keep you working happily all day long. Give your work area a makeover and see the difference in your productivity and overall comfort during your work day.

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