Mistakes To Avoid When Mounting Your TV

Most of us are “do it yourself-ers” when it comes to small jobs around the house. Because we are our own handyperson in these situations, we have to make sure that we know what we are doing before going all in or the end result could be a broken TV or a large hole in the wall. And we all know that can lead to a very perturbed partner and an expensive trip to the nearest electronics shop.

Mounting your flat screen TV is definitely a project that may be basic, but one that you will want to make sure to research so you can avoid mistakes that could damage your TV or at the very least, make your viewing experience subpar. Here are some common mistakes that can be avoided by a little know-how and elbow grease. After this, you’ll be watching your TV with the pride of having hung it by yourself without the fear that it will come crashing down at any moment! 

1. Not Reading The Instructions

This is probably one of the most self-explanatory pieces of advice to follow, but how many times have you gotten a new device and dug in the package, throwing the instructions to the side? I think we can all count ourselves guilty of instruction-tossing due to excitement. Reading the instructions is a surefire way to know exactly what the manufacturer recommends for their product so you can’t go wrong if you follow them. This simple and often overlooked tip can save you hundreds of pounds and a lot of stress.

2. Not Finding A Good Stud Before Drilling

Before you install the brackets for your wall mount, you must make sure you know what kind of wall you are working with, be it wood, concrete, drywall, plaster, etc. it’s important as every type is handled differently when it comes to mounting a television. A high percentage of TV falls are attributed to incorrect installation, so make sure to read the instructions (see above) and then you are ready to find a stud and get mounting! Use a stud finder for the most accurate way to find studs. Some types of walls won’t allow you to use the studs, but there are always ways to work around it, such as purchasing a cantilever stand or mount that affixes to your current TV stand.

3. Mounting The TV At The Wrong Height

If you are a novice at television mounting, you could make a huge mistake by being too overzealous and not testing out the view height of the TV before you mount it. This is easy to do because TV height is a personal preference for a lot of people, so there’s no exact height specifications in the directions or online. Make sure to test out different heights from where you will be sitting and watching most often. Having to strain your neck can lead to a very uncomfortable TV watching experience so take your time and make sure the height is perfect before you drill into the wall studs.

4. Not Planning For Cable Routing

Adding extra cables for future use is a huge help when you are mounting your TV and will save you time and hassle later on. It’s always good to have a few extra HDMI cables for other electronics or game consoles even if you aren’t using them at the moment. Having the hardware in place will be a huge help and your future self will be very pleased at your ingenuity and forethought.

5. Mounting In Direct Light

Placement of your TV is incredibly important and you need to make sure that the sun doesn’t hit it and cast a glare right when you are ready to sit down and enjoy yourself at the end of a long day. When you are figuring out the height of the TV, you can also just double check the sun’s position and adjust accordingly. Avoid putting your TV directly above your fireplace as they can cause heat damage if not far enough away from the source of said heat. Fireplaces make great focal points but bad TV companions.

Mistakes are a natural part of our daily lives, but avoiding the bigger ones can save you a lot of money and hassles in the long run. A lot of frustration can be avoided just by reading instructions and getting yourself acquainted with your TV within the space you want to put it in. With these tips, you should be able to avoid the headache and go straight to getting comfortable for an enjoyable movie night with some popcorn and a perfectly mounted TV. 

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