Can a Mounted TV Fall Off the Wall?

Mounting your flat-screen TV on the wall can dramatically improve viewing quality and flexibility, but the safety of a mounted TV all depends on how well it is mounted on the wall. When hung correctly, a mounted TV can save you from the many hazards of cords, curious children and pets, and general bumps and bangs, but if done improperly, it could lead to a broken TV, injury, or worse.

Although TVs today are lightweight and better made to help with mounting, when one falls, it can still severely injure a small child or pet. In fact, it is estimated that a child is injured by a falling television every 30 minutes

Even if you have no children, an improperly mounted TV can not only destroy your expensive television, but take with it whatever valuables are in its path on the way down. In order to prevent accidents big and small, here are the ways you can avoid your TV from falling and how to make sure it stays safe for years of movie nights and sitcom bingeing.

Common Reasons for Mounting Accidents

TV or Mount Poorly Attached to the Wall

If you mount a TV onto the wall without the proper mount fittings (nails, screws, bolts, etc.) it may initially sit there but fall off at a later date. Poor fittings usually happen when the hole is slightly too large than the fitting placed inside of it. 

Sometimes you can use the right tools but just get a poor fit on your bolt, which when tightened just keeps turning or doesn’t take at all. If your drill bit and plugs are not right for the job, stop and wait until you can get the proper fittings. 

Overloading Brackets with a Heavy TV

The TV bracket you purchase will have a weight limit to it on the instructions. Make sure to carefully read the instructions and know the weight of your television before you mount it. It is very important to never exceed the weight limit as it becomes a huge safety liability. Your bracket should easily be able to support your TV, not barely be holding onto it. 

Always err on the side of caution when mounting heavy televisions or even light ones and use heavy duty, well-made brackets, mounts and equipment. This can be especially important if you are using full motion brackets as they can be pulled away from the wall which adds stress to the bracket. 

Using a Poor Quality TV Mount 

When purchasing a TV mount, make sure you are getting a high quality piece of equipment. A piece of metal that holds your expensive televisions above even more expensive tables and personal items is not where you want to buy the cheapest part you can. Know the make and model and do a little detective work to make sure it is up to the task of keeping your television in a safe position constantly day or night.

If you are spending good money on your television, it doesn’t make sense to buy the cheapest mount you can find. Buy the mount equivalent of your television and you will thank yourself later when you are free of accidents, bending metal, dropped televisions and broken vases or tables. 

Bracket Installed Improperly

Even if you have the right fittings and proper mount, if you do not install it properly, your television has a chance of falling off the wall. Proper installation is another essential piece of the puzzle to wall mounting. 

It is common for the dealer or retailer you purchase your TV from to offer installation services or contract them out to a trusted partner. If you don’t feel comfortable installing yourself, it is wise to find someone else who can.

Types of Mounts

The first step in learning how to mount a TV is choosing a wall mount. There are different types of TV wall mounts, these are:

  • Fixed TV wall mounts keep the television in a stationary position, flush with the wall. These do not move.
  • Swivel TV wall mounts allow the screen to pivot to the left and to the right to adjust the view within a room.
  • Tilting TV wall mounts gives you the ability to angle the TV screen down for better viewing when it is installed higher on a wall.
  • Full-motion TV wall mounts manually adjust the television right, left, up and down so you can get a custom angle. Some models even have a telescoping arm that can be useful in a corner location.

Tips for Proper Mounting

(Tips may vary depending on mount type.)

  1. Decide where you want to position the TV and buy the correct mount for your needs and space.
  2. Locate the wall studs using a stud finder.
  3. Mark and drill your pilot holes.
  4. Attach the mounting bracket to the wall.
  5. Attach the mounting plate to the TV. 
  6. Mount your TV to the wall.
  7. Enjoy!

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