Best Ways to Keep Your Desk Clean and Organised

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Your desk at the office (or home office) is the most important space to keep well organised and uncluttered while you work. If you have a mess in front of you, more likely than not, your work will suffer and could even put unnecessary stress on your day. Having an organised work space is not only inviting to look at but it will make you feel less like you have another chore to do on your long to-do list. 

Having everything you need right at your fingertips without having to shove important papers aside is easier than you may think. The following ideas for desk organisation will help you tidy up your workspace in no time and even help you make it more personalised, so you will be more comfortable while you work. Control the chaos and get back to business!

1. Sort By Importance

There’s a good chance you don’t need every single object that is taking up prime real estate on your desk. An effective way to sort what is essential is to start your week off by taking notice of everything, figuring out all of the non-essential items on top of your desk, setting them to the side, and taking stock of only the most used and needed items. All the non-essentials should be neatly put away for future use. 

2. Do A Daily Desk Wipe Down

At the end of each day, do a wipe down of your entire desk and workspace. This will help you bookend your days better with a finality to the workday and a fresh start in the morning. It will also help you find and remove any trash that you may have neglected or remember something important that was overlooked. Keeping on top of the cleanliness of your space is a surefire way to being more productive and self-assured.

3. Go Digital To Cut The Clutter

Paper is the number one culprit when it comes to clutter. In the digital age, we can reduce our paper consumption and use it to help make us more organised. Figure out what you can store digitally and scan. Taking your calendar, to-do lists and notepads to your computer and phone will clean up a large portion of your paper pile. Make sure to always back up your digital work files and sync up all your work files to your other devices so you can work on the go if needed. 

4. Unclutter Your Digital Desk 

Now that you’ve digitised as much as you can, you need to make sure everything is organised. Your desktop on your computer can be just as messy as your physical desk and just as big of a headache as well. Take some time to make folders for each subject, client, day or project and subfolders in them as they pertain. Organise by month, week or day as well. Depending on your workload, you can organise your day digitally and leave your desk pristine while you do it.

5. Section Out Your Workspace

Smartphones and other electronics can be a great distraction and keep you from getting projects completed on time. Make sure to put your phone away from your computer if possible. If you are waiting for an important text or phone call, you can set your phone’s ringtones to that specific person or company to help you stay focused. Keep your purse or backpack away from your reach to avoid unwanted distractions they may hold as well. Limiting phone use while you work can be a great way to help you limit your personal usage of it at home as well. With phone addiction becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives, it’s always good to push back and enjoy life hands free for a while.

6. Organise Your Cords

Being disorganised isn’t just about what’s on top of the desk—it can also be about what’s underneath. If your cords are a tangled mess, it can not only be a distracting eyesore, but can also be a hotbed for dust and dirt. Grab some zip ties and get those cables organised! Getting your cords organised will keep your workspace looking and feeling much more put together, and allow you to focus on what’s important: the work at hand, and not the mess.

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